Are You Ready to Dance?

So many things are happening this summer!  First up, if you missed out on attending the opening to “The Return of the Living Blammo!” you have a second chance to join the Blammo! crew to party it up.  The Blammo! Artists of Western New York are having a closing show on June 28th from 6-10pm at ArtSpace, Main Street Buffalo.  Then, the art fun continues as I make my way to Old Falls Street in Niagara Falls to participate in the Music and Arts Festival.  Come check out all the amazing artists and bring your dancing shoes.  I’ll have some new prints for sale.  Fun fun fun!


Would this be cheating?

I was standing in my studio observing the blank spaces on the walls.  The missing pieces are currently on display for Blammo! at ArtSpace.  Their absence caused me to notice some other artwork that I had tucked aside.  And then I began digging….

I realized that I have the bad habit of starting artwork, and then I get inspired by a new idea and the work in progress gets put somewhere to be finished “later”.  So today I made a list of all my half finished work, as well as ideas that I’ve placed on the back burner for a while.  I’ve decided that I’m going to (attempt to) work from the list and complete some of my older in progress pieces.  So far the plan’s working.  Today I completed a colored pencil piece I had begun two years ago.  I also have two more movie monsters ready to be inked that I’m really excited about.

While I was digging up old work, I also found a few test swatches lying around.  Sometimes I hold onto them because I like a certain quality they have.  Occasionally swatches seem to become cool little abstract pieces themselves.  I’m toying around with the idea of saving up a bunch of them to become a series on their own.  Maybe I’ll call it Abstract Minis.  I’ll put them in wacky little outlandish deco frames.  Do you think it’s cheating to use swatches as art?



I really like how this one kind of looks like a face.  Totally unintentional.


This one’s from today’s colored pencil piece.  I was really enjoying drawing squiggly lines with ink.

The Return of the Living Blammo!

That’s right folks, it’s that time of year again.  Goodness did it go fast!  I’ve been cranking out pieces like a girl on fire for the past two weeks, so there’s going to be lots of new work on display at The Return of the Living Blammo!  The show opens tomorrow, June 1st, at ArtSpace in Buffalo.  Come on down and check out all the amazing work on display from the Blammo! Artists of Western New York.



The Return of the Living Blammo! flyer art was created by Mike Alvarez.

I love doggies!

On Saturday May 18, 2013 I’ll be attending the Vendor Expo:  Honoring Military Personnel Human and K9.  The event will be from 9am – 1pm and contain tons of wonderfulness.

The Expo will have Local Vendors, Crafters & Artists (me!), a live band, silent auction, and a chance to meet Jive a service dog from Courage to Heel, plus MORE FUN!   If that’s not enough wonderfulness for you, there will also be an on-line auction June 29-30th.  I’m donating a K-9 piece of art for the auction, red white and blue baby!

Stop by my booth and say hi at the VFW Post 1419, 2985 Lakeview Road, Hamburg.


If you want to know more about Military Working Dog Adoptions check out:

Contact for information about the event, auction as well as a list of donors/sponsors:

Shop Update and Coupon Code

There’s new work for sale on my website,  You may now purchase any of my Think Spring pieces.  I’ve also added a few of my winter photos as well.  If you’re shopping local, I’ve added a coupon code for those of you that are able to pick up your work in person.  Use the code “Shop Local” at checkout for free shipping!

Whateverism is still on view, and there’s some work hanging that I haven’t had a chance to photograph yet.  Check out the show in the Garden Gallery at the NACC, located at 1201 Pine Avenue, Niagara Falls NY 14301.  The show will be on view until April 21st and the gallery is open Monday through Friday from 9-5.  If you can’t make it to the gallery, hopefully I’ll be able to post images of the remaining new work soon.  Then it will also be added to the website for sale!



I’ve been worried about losing Google Reader.  I follow tons of other art educators and loved how Reader brought all their posts directly to me.  Patty Palmer over at Deep Space Sparkle was kind enough to share Bloglovin.  I’m liking it so far.  Bloglovin allows you to easily import your subscriptions from Reader.  I was able to import my WordPress blog too, Thanks to JillyBeJoyful.

So here’s my new link for Bloglovin:

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Think Spring

Dots are done!  Tomorrow they shall be framed!  This one’s my favorite out of the series so far:


Spring’s Approaching

March 20th is the first day of spring and I can’t wait for winter to be over.  I’m so sick of the dreary that I’ve started painting flowers, which is not typical subject matter for me.  I’ll have the new series “Think Spring” on display at Whateverism, but here’s a sneak peek at one of the pieces in progress.  The watercolor is done, but I’m still going to add dots.


Playing with color

Last week I finished a commissioned pet portrait.  It started as one of my typical watercolor and ink pieces.  And then IT happened….

I was asked to add some color.  Some of my dot flair to be specific.  So I did.  And in the process I discovered the fabulousness of adding tissue dots to watercolor!  That’s right, move over acrylic ’cause some spring flower pieces are going to be making their debut at Whateverism.  Guess you’re going to have to come if you want to witness their colorful spring bling!


That’s right folks.   I’m having a solo show.  And I’m filling it up with whatever I want.  Curious yet?  Well then come check it out on March 23.  Doooooo it.


The Niagara Arts and Cultural Center is located at 1201 Pine Avenue, Niagara Falls NY 14301.  The Garden Gallery is located on the second floor.